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Nomad Ethnobotanicals offers a holistic natural product range in its most basic form.
Oils & butters that are exceptionaly beneficial for mature skin and very soothing to a newborn. Teas that can be used as a curative tonic, or a refreshing drink. Clays, Salts, and muds that are theraputic and healing.

Nomads botanicals are sourced from Africa. Some botanicals in our line grow only in Africa, while others grow only in a particular region of Africa. Our botanicals are organic, some are wildcrafted, all are grown in environments that are not plagued by modern day industrial pollution. To maintain the highest level of therapeutic value, our oils and butters are not refined, but harvested and processed much the same as they have been for centuries.

In your quest for a more natural, less toxic lifestyle, we offer basic holistic solutions from an African perspective.

Salts & Clays
Tea's & Honeys